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Awarded India’s Best Brand Design Studio 2021
We custom deliver your needs.
We are strategy & business design consultants that work with founders in catalysing their ventures to Series A. We walk the talk with founders from the idea, building an MVP, developing the brand, marketing to driving real impact by derisking your Innovation journey. When we say “we have got your back”, we mean it.

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We work with innovators spanning diverse sectors


Derisk your Innovation journey by transforming the way you think, make & work.

Through our Venture Builder™ we help companies that are starting up, pivoting or scaling to solve business challenges through strategic design investments. The following toolkits allow us to assist the brand from idea to impact.
Entrepreneurs like us, take super-quick decisions to change things based on feedback from users/clients to beat the competition at early stages, and the sheer flexibility with which the team handled our requirements is what we liked the most. The consistency in design & unique branding has given us a definite edge over the other early-stage startups.
Pranay Ganesh
Co-founder & CEO, WholeMark
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How can we start a project together?

Great question! The first step is to get in touch by filling out our contact form, which you’ll find here. We usually start our projects with a discovery call, followed by a short exploration phase where we work with you to define the project scope and design the solutions we can help you with. We’ll then proceed to share our scope of work, costing and timeline which will be followed by signing of documents like Scope of Work & Master Service Agreement. Once the paperwork is complete and the kick-off fee is paid, we get started with the work. 

How much do projects usually cost?

Most of our projects tend to start at $5000 USD (a) INR 3,75,000. Over the years, we’ve discovered this is the minimum figure that allows us to provide all our clients with a consistently high standard of work across multiple services whilst allowing room for projects to change. That said, we work with companies on a number of different dynamic billing structures that can include fixed project fees, hourly rates or monthly retainers depending on the nature of the project.

What sectors do you specialise in?

Our portfolio of companies have spanned across Healthcare, Technology, HR & Education. We work primarily with technology SMEs, corporations, and funded startups who develop products in the SaaS, finance, banking, property, healthcare, transport, and communication sectors.
We like to collaborate closely with clients, and see the best results when working directly with CEOs, Heads of Marketing, CMOs, and VPs of Marketing, Product or Technology.
We make especially great partners for companies who are growing fast and need a scalable design system, modular CMS and a future- proof brand identity that they can manage internally as their user base grows. Our case studies for Rainmaking, Wibbitz, ShipBob and Assembly Payments are all great examples of the vital support and service we can offer to rapidly expanding startups.

What information do you need to prepare an estimate?

We’re focused on human-centric design which includes our processes, so we’d always suggest getting in touch first and we can talk you through what we need in more detail.

How do our engagements work out in a project environment?

We have small and focused teams dedicated to each project. Your typical team might look something like this:
Project Manager
Brand Designer
UI Designer
UX Specialist
Frontend Developer
Head of Design
Head of Development
Our agency is remote-native and we use industry-standard collaboration software and apps to maintain smooth and easy communication with our clients at all times.

Do you provide marketing services?

Being a Brand Design Studio, our core expertise lies in creating a solution design for your business challenge facilitated by our Branding team. Based on the requirements from the Solution, we usually connect our partners with multiple recommended Marketing agencies with whom we’ve been working over years.

Do you work with pre-seed startups?

Most of our clients are seed or pre-round A startups. Our agency can work with a startup that raised a friends and family round, however, we’d highly recommend choosing the smallest package possible as the final delivery. Having lots of assets ready before you even find your market fit is not the best way to spend your money. Keep it for later stages.

What if I don’t like the final result?

Since we work as an extension of startups teams and continuously communicate with the stakeholders, our clients play a very active role in the decision-making process. So there are no surprises along the way. As a result, there is usually a zero chance that you don’t like the final delivery unless you were entirely isolated from the communications

How long does it take to design a brand identity for a startup?

Depending on the package, the brand design work may take from 8 weeks and more. If there is an existing logo design, startup founders usually need more time to decide. We call it a natural resistance to change that makes the time frame anywhere within two months, even for the smallest package. We know you'lI probably needed it yesterday, but the good design takes time.

Who is Frozen Iris?

We are designers, strategists, researchers, business managers, illustrators and project managers partnering with design leaders of tech brands and growing businesses to create impactful solutions. We are a remote team with members and collaborators working together from various parts of India. 





We are first principle thinkers and creative professionals who're both creative & professional.

The glue that holds this dynamic group of people is a passion for learning beyond what one is already good at. We are a small team, unrestrained by domain & unmatched in spirit.
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