We believe in designing experiences that connect, respond and more importantly those that are functional

Brand Experience

Here is everything your brand needs to grow.
I want to differentiate my product/service from my competition
I want to increase my brand’s recognition
I want to generate more leads and charge premium
I don’t have clarity on my brand’s USP
I want to make my brand more relevant with everchanging scenarios
I want to differentiate my product/service from my competition
I want to increase my brand’s recognition
I want to generate more leads and charge premium
I don’t have clarity on my brand’s USP
I want to make my brand more relevant with everchanging scenarios

Brand Audit

Understanding and evaluating the current state of the brand and the market dynamics
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Brand Strategy

A roadmap to align the vision and value of your brand with consumer perception.
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Brand Naming

Giving a new name to a brand with a proven process
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Brand Messaging

Defining the core values and language of the brand for internal consistency.
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Brand Identity & System

Designing the logo, colour palette & language for a brand
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Brand Architecture

A system to organize multiple brands, products and services within the same organization to help understand company portfolio.
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Brand Guideline

A rulebook to maintain brand uniformity and consistency across all platforms.
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Verbal Branding

Articulating the personality and tone of your brand.
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Digital Strategy

Create impact through digital transformation.
I want to reduce the bounce rate of my website
I want to provide a hassle free experience to the users
I want to keep the users connected to my brand’s unique offerings.
I want to improve customer engagement
I want to make my product more scalable
I want better workflow management

Experience Design

Creating a holistic and enriching user journey throughout the platform.
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Interaction Design

Designing motion and animated elements for better user engagement
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Creative Direction

Establishing and setting the general mood and atmosphere for the visual look and feel of the platform.
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UX Audit & Strategy

Analyzing the existing platforms based on established hueristics and/or research methadologies to align the design with organization’s objective.
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Website Design and Development

Building user friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites.
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Communication Design

Nurture your brand presence across mediums.
How do I increase the perceived quality of product/service with the customers
I want to increase visibility of my brand
I want to increase trust and build credibility in the market
I want to build a realtionship with my audience
I want to persuade viewers to purchase my product/service

Event Design

Celebrating your brand loudly to a large audience
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Brand Film

Video production and editing to render an immersive experience of your brand
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Attractive and minimal visual representations to enhance and add emotions to the design.
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Content Development

Developing meaningful and cohesive narratives for cross media platforms.
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Merchandise Design

Imbibing the brand values on all your touchpoints
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Editorial Design

Verbal & Visual strategy to condense information in a clean and appealing manner
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Packaging Design

Creating powerful and attractive designs that communicate the essence of a brand.
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Over past 4 years, we worked with 10+ industries globally

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Our Approach

We treat processes and approaches as guiding principles that always need to be tweaked to get the best results. When you work with us, we transition between methods, sometimes build new ones on the spot — after all, we are a creative lot!
First principles thinking
No generalisations, stereotypes or assumptions, but starting with the first principles helps you stand out of the crowd.
Signals from Noise
We help you identify the actual problem to provide the service that your company needs.
Knowledge Transfer
Our clients learn something new that enhances their overall experience with us.
The First Principles thought process was ingrained into every team-member and it showed in the work. They always came with a clear agenda and delivered on them. Entrepreneurs like us, take super-quick decisions to change things based on feedback from users/clients to beat the competition at early stages, and the sheer flexibility with which the team handled our requirements is what we liked the most.Their feedback loop kept us at ease because we could see the progress and ensure we were getting what we expected through the journey.

The consistency in design & unique branding has given us a definite edge over the other early-stage startups.
Pranay Ganesh
Co-founder & CEO, WholeMark
As a Founder and Brand owner, it is critical to work with right design partners and for me it’s so relieving to work with Frozen Iris as they take care of market research and we get final design with little or no corrections and it’s always a pleasure to see our new product with amazing package design.

Their designs gives us confidence to get into markets unexplored and we are successful at it. We have on-going projects with the team now and we are excited to increase our market share through new product we are planning to launch with team Frozen Iris.

Deepa Muthukumarasamy
Founder & CEO, Some More Foods
Working with Frozen Iris has been a great experience so far. Frozen Iris really got into the design process, with their thorough understanding of design, research on market, competition, user empathy, behaviour, choice of colours and style etc. By virtue of it we stand out as not only as a website but also have 5x our traffic from 5,000/day to 25,000/day and have grown our search metrics to SEO metrics like session time, improved bounce rate and conversion.

Even after a few months of deploying, Harish and team continue to help us, review us and continue to contribute to the growth of our website.
Madhusudan Anand
Co-Founder & CTO, Ambee
As we started on the INAI project, I was a little apprehensive at the beginning as the timeline was short and this is the first time we were working with Frozen Iris. As it turned out, those apprehensions were misplaced and the end product was fantastic. It is not just about the end result, but also about how we got there. The process was systematic starting with a deep understanding of our motivations and ambitions with the center.

As is the case in any creative venture, we iterated lot more than we planned and the team was very patient and accommodative right through the whole journey.
Konala S Varma

How we collaborate with you

Sprint model

Want to experiment something quickly?

We can be agile in delivering short term result for immediate implementation through design sprints.
Project Basis

Have a clear objective in mind?

We help strategise your objectives into actionable milestones to deliver high value results.

Looking forward to
long term commitments?

We devise your long term growth through holistic creation, market differentiation and continuous maintenance.

Starting on something new and feeling overwhelmed?

We colloborate and materialise your idea through our expertise in creating social impact.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work