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Aninya Gangal

Graphic Design Lead


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What is design audit ?

Design Audits are preventive checkups performed by UI/UX experts on a website/app to identify deficiencies vis-a-vis the ideal experience of the website/app.

Why we should need design audit ?

Design audits provide an unbiased and objective view of the website/apps strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable design direction.
User Retention
An understanding of the current and future needs, goals and behaviour of customers
Quick Suggestions
Actionable solutions (based on actual evidence) that support business goals
Business Contribution
Increased conversions, engagement and ROI
Objective Analysis
Unbiased problem detection and solution recommendations.

When we should I need a design audit ?

Design audits can be performed at all stages of building and deploying a website/app.
Before releasing your website or app to customers.
Post Launch
2 or 3 years into the lifecycle of your website/app.
Before pushing your website or app design/prototype into development.

When in doubt always ask

Do you need users for audit ?

Unlike usability testing, which necessitates the involvement of real users to assess product usability, design audits can be conducted by UX experts who thoroughly examine prototypes with detailed attention to UX standards and principles. User participation is not mandatory for design audits as the focus is on expert analysis rather than direct user feedback.

What are the benefits of design audit?

Conducting Design Audits offers numerous direct and indirect advantages. Among these benefits are the positive impact on conversion rates, lead generation, and engagement. Additionally, design audits play a crucial role in enhancing website design and usability, leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer support needs.

How do UX experts from Become approach a project ?

To initiate the design audit process, the UX expert will assess your application, product, or platform to determine and document the audit's scope. Once the client agrees on the scope, the UX expert proceeds with two distinct and scientifically planned stages: UX Evaluation and UX Research.

Throughout the audit, the design audit team will employ various tools, methods, and metrics to thoroughly analyze the product, application, or platform until the engagement's objectives are met.

How much time does a typical engagement take ?

The duration of the audit is entirely contingent upon the project's scope. Depending on the application, product, or platform's complexity and extent, audits may range from one week to one month in length.

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