Designing an Interactive and Informative Diwali Greeting for SPI Edge

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We were extremely appreciative of their capabilities of delivering on time and being available throughout. One specific aspect that we liked is definitely the design sensibility and the excellent customer service that frozen Iris brings to the table. As the team might already know, Frozen Iris is our go-to for anything that has to do with design, branding and design solutions.

Mukesh Amaran

Founder of ALAI, a vertical at SPI Edge for Arts and Culture

Brochure Design
Venture Enterprise
Company Stage
3 days
Project Type
Communication Design



SPI Edge is a Chennai based, for profit entity, that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential. SPI Edge is a sandbox for experiments for individuals who “Venture Through Experiments”. They support, build and nurture enterprises that have a positive impact on the culture and society.

Objective & Challenges


Diwali is the season of gifting, celebrating and being grateful to the people who support us everyday. SPI Edge wanted to gift a token of gratitude to people who supported them in their journey thus far.

This year they wanted to move away from gifting typical sweet boxes and do something to support local talented communities. They approached us to design a thoughtful experience for a sense of delight by truly being “Vocal for Local”.



This Diwali, SPI Edge put in a conscious effort to curate a gifting that is true to their values about being “Vocal for Local” and also educate people about a vision for a Non-Violent economy.

Vocal For Local - A year of Jugaad

Diwali is a festival that is about new beginnings. Going “Vocal For Local” gives importance to local vendors, departmental stores and small business communities that struggle to make ends meet during this festive season. SPI Edge’s idea was simple yet supportive of this movement. They curated a bunch of festive sweets and snacks from local vendors of different geography, cultural and religious backgrounds and tied them together in the form of potlam/potli with bangles from a street vendor.

Non-Violent Economy

Non-Violent Economy is a global movement of change that calculates wealth in non-monetary measures. SPI Edge wanted to be a responsible entity in making change possible and educate people about an economy that cares about the planet, about all its living being—in order to build common well-being.

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After having a few conversations with members of SPI Edge, we circled on making an interactive and engaging brochure. We went through a bunch of ideas and finally decided to do a brochure folded into an origami piece.

The art of paper folding and unfolding is something that is nostalgic and brings joy and calmness while doing the activity. We thought of making the brochure fold into a paper fortune cup (4 cups). In a folded fortune cup, you insert your thumb and forefinger of each hand into the corners of the paper to reveal the message

The colour palette was primarily calmer and reflected SPI Edge’s brand colors. Tones of blues and yellows combined to make the brochure look festive and delightful.

For the design, we illustrated festive celebratory elements that are traditional yet contemporary. The elements were geometric in design and they were put together in an almost symmetrical fashion.

A Kolam or a Rangoli is an art form of a rich cultural Indian heritage. It is an auspicious and decorative symbol. The structure of a kolam became one of the main elements in our design. Elements of celebration and light that have a strong significance to Diwali, such as Diyas (Deepam), lanterns, fireworks and other ornamental decorations were designed and put together.

Since the gift was curated from people of diverse religious and geographical backgrounds, we subtly made use of letters from different languages and have visuals of different religious symbols as well.

Additionally, a tag with a message from SPI Edge was tied on the potlum/potli to extend their expression gratitude and valued purpose of the gift.

Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements that formed this book. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.
Pooja Shah
Associate Brand Strategist
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO

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