Branding a program that cultivates the habit of forward thinking

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Early, Private
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Visual Identity, website design and Social media design.



SHIFT is an acronym that stands for Simple Habits & Ideas for Forward Thinking. SHIFT is a program that allows the participant to substantially hack their growth trajectory on all fronts in both personal and professional spheres. The course offers the participants 15 habits that are curated to systematically build confidence in individual thinking, creative thinking and critical thinking by nudging them to replace fixed mindset with growth mindset.

Objective & Challenges


To derive a brand messaging that has a stronger market appeal to the two primary target audiences - mid-level professionals and leaders - without straying away from the core values that drive the author and the course itself.

To incorporate the derived brand messaging into their brand identity and redesign  the verbal and visual brand language to make the brand more approachable and consistent across every medium of communication.

Redesign the existing website based on the new brand language

Clear and compatible brand messaging

Designing an identity that is appealing to the target audience and true to the core values of the brand to ensure consistency and attraction of the right crowd.

Stand out from Competition

Setting apart the brand identity with the right choice of archetype and consequent usage of the right verbal tones,  colors and typography, from other platforms offering courses on upskilling and critical thinking.

Reflect key offerings

The brand identity has to highlight the main take-away that the course has to offer to the target which is the ability to form habits, retain them and reinforce them with the help of periodical emails from the author and home-delivered flash cards that are designed to keep at work desks every day.

Competitor Analysis

Unique challenges we solved

Personal branding vs Course Branding

Distinguishing between creating a personal brand or a course brand was necessary for SHIFT to have a clear brand messaging. SHIFT, was branded as a course and the author as its brand ambassador. Therefore, when the brand expands, both the course and the author can be empowered individually.

Identifying and applying a colour palette that is radically different from the competitors

Seeing the prominent usage of colors like reds, blues, purples and blacks, we found an opportunity to make the brand stand out from its competitors by applying color psychology. Hence making the brand look more memorable and having a determined psychological impact on the audience.

A brand language for a brand with minimal but unique touchpoints

Touchpoints like desk flashcards and presentation decks are some things that need to leave an impact on an individual at first glance. Keeping that in mind, it’s imperative to form a brand language that is consistent, appropriate and meaningful for all touchpoints to amplify the brand’s messaging.

Knowing the brief and understanding the requirements of the client and the consequent development of the archetype (The Hero) the brand identity was imagined to be prime, impactful, confident and reflective. Exploration on logo and visual identity concepts was based on making it easily recognisable, non-abstract and to the point to connect to target groups that have an entrepreneurial mindset and are looking to strengthen their critical thinking skills.

Expansion of design language

To develop a brand language, we had to define certain brand elements that could be used as signatory graphic elements which are unique enough to be integrated with designing touchpoints for SHIFT to make it look consistent and appropriate on all platforms. The brand’s elements speak of the participant’s journey. It explains to us, why, how and what is the impact of the SHIFT program on the participants.  We break down the identity into atoms- arrow and circle.  The brand’s base language lies in the atom of the identity which can be incorporated to communicate a certain objective that the course offers. These elements help SHIFT be more recognizable.


A complete revamp resulting in a brand new verbal and visual identity that is appealing to the audience and is true to the values of the brand was done with active collaboration with the client. The resultant brand communication emphasized focus and movement as the main elements of attention for an individual’s road to cultivating an enhanced way of thinking and made the course memorable and consistent.
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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements that formed this book. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO
Sr. Graphic Designer
Vignesh Arullingam
Senior Content Designer
Pooja Shah
Associate Brand Strategist
Shiva Siddarth
Associate, Founders Office
Indhu Kanth
Director, Design & Research
Preksha Dugar
Associate Digital Strategist

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