Revamping Pod’s identity in a bold and futuristic perspective.

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Communication Design
Brand Identity
Human Resource
Company Stage
Early stage
2 months
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Pod is a campus placement and recruiting software technology that launched as Calyxpod in Aug 2017. They later expanded in 2019 with recruitment solutions for companies and student assessments for institutions. Pod is an all-in-one suite that provides campus placements, alumni forums, online student assessments, analysis, and expert consultancy. Its aim is to help college faculty guide their students to realise their potential and help recruiters hire talented freshers/professionals to achieve organisational goals. The company's vision is to help everyone continuously learn, grow their skills, and realise their potential without limitations.

Objective & Challenges


CalyxPod rebranded as "Pod" to improve brand recall and approached us to create a visually bold and futuristic identity that spoke to all target audiences. The objective was to make Pod stand out from similar tech brands in the recruitment space and create a unique brand language that could be understood by recruiters, campus administrators, and students.

Integrating a positive emotion

Pod empathised with the target group and wanted to create an experience that was intuitive and growth oriented. To achieve this, we had to explore trust-worthy and welcoming visuals to connect better with the audience.

Bridging the gap between different target segments

To stand out in the crowded recruitment space, Pod needed a simple and direct brand identity with strong messaging and visual recall value for all target groups.

Progressive and futuristic appeal

Pod's brand identity needed to reflect its futuristic technology as its core value, given it is one-of-a-kind software solution for recruiters and colleges.

To meet the brief, Pod's brand identity features a unique abstract logo mark with typography and a monogram. The eye-catching and futuristic color palette evokes a sense of reliability and positive emotion, ensuring striking recognizability across various platforms.

Visual Identity

Throughout the creative process, Pod's branding was focused on disrupting the competition while maintaining integrity and positivity as the core values. This approach aimed to establish Pod as the gold standard in the industry and a credible and welcoming brand for recruiters, college administrators, and students.

Expanding the Brand Language

For their different product solutions such as pod.recruit, pod.assess and pod.test, a brand architecture was developed. We needed it to be simple yet bold and easily adaptable. For this, we developed a container system approach where the products can be placed inside with a rectangle with “.” (dot) as the prefix — for example, “.test”.



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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements that formed this book. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.
Aninya Gangal
Lead Brand Strategist
Pooja Shah
Associate Brand Strategist
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO
Indhu Kanth
Director, Design & Research

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