Intel-ISB Report

Visualising a study through brand-driven editorial design and data-based storytelling

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As we started on the INAI project, I was a little apprehensive at the beginning as the timeline was short and this is the first time we were working with Frozen Iris. As it turned out, those apprehensions were misplaced and the end product was fantastic. It is not just about the end result, but also about how we got there. The process was systematic starting with a deep understanding of our motivations and ambitions with the center.

Once the leg work was done, the Frozen iris team laid out the frame work to evaluate the proposals that made it easy for my team members to go about in a disciplined way. This aspect is very important as everybody comes with their own thinking on such creative endeavours and it is very difficult to converge unless there is proper mechanism to guide everybody forward in the same path.

As is the case in any creative venture, we iterated lot more than we planned and had to take a few detours before arriving at the destination. The team was very patient and accommodative right through the whole journey. I would gladly recommend the Frozen Iris team for anybody embarking on a similar pursuit.

Konal Varma

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Communication Design
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2 Weeks
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Intel-ISB Report

This study is a collaboration of Intel India & Indian School of Business (ISB) that helped develop a nationwide AI Index, a multidimensional repository of information that will provide a comprehensive understanding of AI for researchers, policymakers, executives and the general public to develop a deeper understanding of the state of AI in India. The essence of this report design is not merely in informing but also communicating and celebrating the impact these studies aimed to achieve and also to forge a stronger connection with the team, stakeholders, and society.

Objective & Challenges


The traditionalist imagery attached with scientific documents, white papers, annual reports, and impact reports are bland, white, and text-heavy pages loaded with illegible texts, vague stats and lurid charts. Incoherent information presented without a set style/theme makes a reader’s enagement harder and fails in informing well. This project is an opportunity to redefine this notion.

Instant gratification through considerate layouts

We implemented a content strategy to break the data heavy narration to a easily digestable chapters. We discerned the study by designing a clear and compact layout presenting the reader with enough information, key insights and CTAs that reduces the cognitive load.

Maintaining Intel’s Spark

The information presented in this report is multilayered  the challenge was in visualising this complexity through design. The visual theme, color style, layout design, and data visualisation were all derived based on Intel’s spark. We thus establishing a theme that advocates the brand & resonates with the impact.

A hierarchical or part-to-whole relationships for a perfect fit to Intel’s spark theme.

The intent was to visualize the data in a more organic way that connects with the readers. We utilised treemapping as the key data visualization technique for this report. This chart type displays hierarchical or part-to-whole relationships via rectangles and thus a perfect fit for Intel’s spark theme.

The structure of the book gravitates to the philosophy of Intel’s spark. The report is divided into three parts, the core studies, the extended application and the survey. We broke down the source content to create a modular structure with an almost unifrom verbose visual ratio with enough white sspace for eye rest. We also introduced the notion to “engage more as you read” by providing various call to actions and quick help tips then and there.


By simplifying the structure, devising a clean & concise layout with necessary CTA’s and integrating Intel’s new spark theme, we condensed an information heavy academic document into an easy to digest reading asset. This book will thus offer a smooth and enriching experience to policy makers, researchers and general public, and that which will be captivating and enduring in the reader’s mind. ‍
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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements that formed this book. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO
Indhu Kanth
Director, Design & Research

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