Crafting India’s first and very own applied AI research centre that democratizes AI

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As we started on the INAI project, I was a little apprehensive at the beginning as the timeline was short and this is the first time we were working with Frozen Iris. As it turned out, those apprehensions were misplaced and the end product was fantastic. It is not just about the end result, but also about how we got there. The process was systematic starting with a deep understanding of our motivations and ambitions with the center.

Once the leg work was done, the Frozen iris team laid out the framework to evaluate the proposals that made it easy for my team members to go about in a disciplined way. This aspect is very important as everybody comes with their own thinking on such creative endeavors and it is very difficult to converge unless there is a proper mechanism to guide everybody forward in the same path.

As is the case in any creative venture, we iterated a lot more than we planned and had to take a few detours before arriving at the destination. The team was very patient and accommodative right through the whole journey. I would gladly recommend the Frozen Iris team for anybody embarking on a similar pursuit.

Konala Varma

Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
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Brand Film
Communication Design
Web Design
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Company Stage
3 months
Project Type
Short term basis



INAI, an applied AI research centre with the support of Intel India, IIITH, PHFI and Govt. of Telangana, builds foundational AI technologies to aid in solving problems at a population scale. The premiere research centre will lead India’s efforts towards integrating AI into the lives of people and aims to be the epicentre of seminal changes in global systems, starting with health and smart mobility sectors.

Objective & Challenges


The brand needed to do three things. One, bring AI closer to people because if the technology is for the people, they should understand it first. Two, the brand should invite the right people to collaborate and do exceptional research. And lastly, the Indian heritage needed to be weaved into its very fabric to claim a distinct ownership.


When it comes to AI, what’s operating is a very common fear of the unknown. So, we decided to move away from computer chips, neural imagery and such that usually AI is identified with towards a more humanistic, conscious non-tech brand identity and language

Instilling Heritage

The other major challenge was to weave India’s heritage and ethos into the whole brand strategy. A brand rooted in Indianness not only gave it a sense of uniqueness but a distinct ownership over efforts that is largely reserved by the first world countries.

Inai is a Tamil word that means “unite or integrate”. It reflects the idea of Integrating AI seamlessly into our lives and the amalgamation of Industry, Academia and the Government to create solutions for the population. Population is often represented as dots, on density maps by geopgraphers. In our survey, we found that the shape people associated the most with AI or technology was the circle. Since the morse code is a combination of dots and dashes, the connection only warranted the exploration.


We moved away from the esoteric tech-intensive imagery to a more recognisable, humanistic brand identity and language, thus bringing AI from being percieved as ‘out of reach’, to something that can be used by anybody and everybody.The brand reflected the raison d’etre of the institution that aims to foster a collaborative environment for government policymakers, students, researchers, startups etc., so that it invites the right minds and ideas to do exceptional research that ultimately creates an impact in the society.


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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements that formed this book. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.
Siri Gurram
Intern, Graphic Design
Lead Content Designer
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO

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