A dynamic identity for a brand that treats every individual as unique

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The level of research and involvement Frozen Iris is ready to invest in your brand, is how they do justice to what it really stands for. They gave Aspire the real humanistic touch and the response to our feedbacks came back with 2x better results. The empathy and communication they have with the clients is really appreciable.For each client they want to do something new, unique and special that would add so much value to the business and especially the brand — and that is exactly why we won't think twice before recommending Frozen Iris.

Krishna Prasad
Co-founder, Aspire

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Communication Design
Human Resource
Company Stage
Early, Private
3 months
Project Type
Short Term Basis



Aspire enables India's next billion blue collar employees stay, live and grow better, to achieve win-win outcomes and fulfillment of individual aspirations as well as business objectives.

Objective & Challenges


Since Aspire was scaling up as a company, there was a need to establish a brand strategy and to develop a proper brand language and coherent collaterals that align with the brand’s positioning and values.

Visually Pleasing and Inspiring

To maintain the high frequency of communications feeling fresh and diverse, but consistent and recognisable, the new branding needed to be highly versatile while still being simple to use.

Humanistic as well as a corporate appeal

Our first approach was a more corporate centric one. Clean shapes and figures and colours that would suit their customers (not users). Upon further discussion we realised that at the heart of the service are blue collar employees who are the actual users of this service. Thus we took a different approach that was more organic and humanistic and centered around blue collar employees and their aspirations

The idenity is a marriage between the motifs that are assosciated with aspirations, dreams, growth & their personal signatures, the touchpoints of which adds a dimension of individuality on to their uniforms.


The creation of a dynamic identity with a higher level of adaptability, flexibility and personalisation which resonates with blue collar employees as well as the corporate entities who are the brand’s first point of contact. It clearly depicted the company’s intent and functioning of creating a brand that revolves around human values, goals and dreams.


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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements that formed this book. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.
Aninya Gangal
Lead Brand Strategist
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO
Varun Bharadwaj
Sr. UX Strategist
Vignesh Arullingam
Senior Content Designer

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